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News from December 2015

How Cooling Towers Help Water Conservation


Many thousands of facilities are currently using large quantities of water to help cool industrial plants. Cooling towers are a technology used by many of them, no matter what their size, to help reduce water usage. In fact, cooling towers are able to recycle 98% of water usually ...

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Cooling Towers Deliver a Lot for Their Price


Chances are, if you're looking into an investment such as a cooling tower, you not only want to see how the tower will benefit you, but also what exactly comes with your purchase. Luckily, Delta Cooling Towers come with great benefits on top of their quality towers. Read ...

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3 Advantages of Delta Cooling Towers


Water management in many businesses is of utmost importance in today's society. With issues like the drought in California and other water issues around the world, more businesses are looking to water management. Whether you need to cut back because of strict regulations or to save money, Delta's ...

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