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News from February 2016

Delta HDPE Cooling Towers Recommended by Expert to Replace Metal Units Plagued by Corrosion


HDPE (high-density polyethylene) water cooling towers reduce the heat of circulating water used to cool industrial processes and HVAC systems all around the world, and are still relatively new in the field. In a typical cooling tower systems, the circulating water requires a supply water make-up rate of between ...

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How to Improve Water Efficiency on Your Cooling Tower


You might not think much about the smaller and mid-sized cooling towers that help run your plant, but that doesn't mean they can be ignored. These towers are just important as any piece of equipment you have on your property. You can improve water efficiency in your water ...

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Ashrae was a success for Delta Cooling Towers!


Thank you for visiting Delta Cooling Towers at ASHRAE¬†2016!! ¬† AHR Orlando was a success for Delta Cooling Towers in 2016! We thank everyone who stopped by and showed interest in Delta Cooling Towers and the products we offer!   Delta Cooling Towers can manufacture HDPE Cooling Towers in any color! Do you ...

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