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News from May 2016

The Importance of Evaluating Cooling Systems for the Long-Term


Cooling systems are more important than ever. The companies that manufacture these products have to service just about every industry and they have a lot of responsibility on their hands. HVAC cooling towers, and other cooling systems not only have to provide the basic service of condensing steam and ...

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Maintaining Cooling Towers can Avoid Major Problems


Water cooling towers need to be handled with as much care as just about any other important appliance. No matter what industry you work in, proper maintenance, checks, and repairs should be done in order to prevent any serious issues from occurring down the line. According to Ethanol Producer Magazine, ...

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Removing Heat and Stabilizing Temperature: the Importance of Reliable Cooling Systems


Removing heat and stabilizing temperature is important for any business owner regarding their energy usage. Water and Waste Digest reports that the combination of compact heat exchangers and cooling towers provides great use for businesses. "There are many large processing plants that have remote satellite facilities," Carl Pendola, P.E., of Penco Equipment Inc. ...

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