Manufacturers of Cooling Towers & Systems by Delta Cooling Towers, Inc.


Company History

Delta Cooling Towers

We manufacture Cooling Towers for critical service applications that cannot afford maintenance costs and downtime of galvanized sheet metal towers.  Delta’s cooling towers come with an industry leading 20 Year Warranty on the unitarily molded cooling tower casing. Delta has been manufacturing engineered plastic cooling towers since 1971 in our fully integrated manufacturing facility for applications including:

  • Comfort Cooling – HVAC
  • Process Cooling – Industrial
  • Power Generation

Packaged Cooling Systems can include either open or closed-loop heat exchangers along with skid-mounted pump and control units.
These Packaged Cooling Systems allow for simple installation with minimal site work required.

In 1981 Delta entered the air stripper market and currently markets a standard line of VANGUARD® packed column air strippers from 1′ through 5′ diameter. Larger custom designed systems can be provided up to 15′ diameter. Air Stripping Equipment removes Volatile Organic Compounds from water for Municipal and Industrial Projects *More than 500 installations since 1981.

Delta prides itself in its ability to provide the technical expertise necessary to meet the requirements of any application with respect to stripper design, materials of construction, type of packing and total system capability.
Our capabilities are listed in our general literature, which also shows installation photographs of some of Delta’s air stripper applications.

Since then we have improved and expanded “The Most Durable Corrosion-Proof Cooling Towers Available” to a full line of factory assembled cooling towers for any application.