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Case Studies

Chilling Out in the Best Way Possible


Click here to download the full article from Energy Manufacturing Year Book   Safeguarding the ‘Cool Side’ of Direct-Chill Billet Casting  Aluminum manufacturer adds unprecedented longevity to its billet casting chilling system with HDPE cooling tower technology.   Manufacturers of aluminum extrusions are highly dependent on the availability of high-quality billet, which can sometimes be ...

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Boosting the price/performance ratio


When evaluating the purchase of most types of capital equipment, the obvious factor to consider is price/performance. Yet, an important factor that most people would agree should not be overlooked is value add, amenity or service - such as warranty or engineering assistance to improve ROI. Value add is certainly ...

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Reliable Cooling Keeps Facilities in Good Health


  Have you seen our recent article in Indoor Comfort News?  If not, click here   Healthcare industry facilities can add durability, reliability and cost savings to their HVAC systems with advanced cooling tower technology.   Many facilities in the healthcare sector are particularly dependent on maintaining stable environments within various structures, where ...

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Cooling Towers in the Middle East


  The advantages of using HDPE-based (high-density polyethylene) “plastic” cooling towers have been well received throughout commercial and industrial sectors of the U.S. for a number of years. Now the company responsible for developing this cost-and-downtime saving technology has ramped up efforts to market it internationally, notably with installations ...

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Delta Cooling Towers / Case Study in Plant & Works Engineering….


Have you read the case study on Delta Cooling Towers in Plant & Works Engineering...?  If you haven't, read the full article here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ....“The cooling tower is a key component, and it is subjected to water that is used to remove 18- to 24-million BTUs of heat from the ...

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Plastic cooling towers cure hospital’s maintenance, energy cost symptoms


  Delta Cooling Towers was recently featured in Engineered Systems.  Read full article here.   It’s no secret that hospitals contain some of the most diverse and demanding environments that require dependable performance of the HVAC system. Operating rooms, critical care facilities, data centers and imaging centers all are to some ...

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Advanced Plastic Cooling Towers Help Streamline Operations


To ensure maximum uptime of operations and the reliable shipment of products to customers, many industrial and commercial companies are changing over from conventional metal-clad cooling towers to the more advanced engineered plastic designs with integrated direct-drive fan motors. That is the route Kuehne Company decided to take. With an ...

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Cooling Towers help computer equipment stay comfortable…


January 9, 2013 When it comes to energy, data centers are faced with a serious dilemma. Over the past decade -- and particularly in the past two years -- growing IT demands have forced managers to crowd their expansive data centers and server farms with more and more equipment, ...

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Controlling Exothermic Processes


Plastic cooling towers help ensure that reactions between harsh chemicals are kept under control and that processes are not interrupted. Like other chemical manufacturers, the staff at Kuehne Chemical Co. Inc. knows that you have tocontrol the chemical reactions involved in making products, particularly products that involve thereaction between ...

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Cooled Fusion Works for Chemical Processor


Delta was recently featured in Chem.Info... Like other chemical manufacturers, Kuehne Chemical Co. Inc. knows that you have to control the chemical reactions involved in making products, particularly products that involve the reaction between harsh chemicals. One of the prime enemies of controlling a chemical reaction is excessive heat generated ...

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