Manufacturers of Cooling Towers & Systems by Delta Cooling Towers, Inc.


Environmental Products

Air Strippers & Degassifiers

Vanguard® Air Strippers are custom designed up to 15 foot diameter and 4000 GPM per column. Delta has provided innovative and economical air stripping solutions to more than 500 installations since our first Air Stripping Tower was delivered over 25 years ago in 1981.  Today, air stripping continues to ...

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Scrubbers & Odor Control

Vanguard® Scrubbers and Odor Control Systems are custom designed for air flow rates of 1,000cfm to 75,000cfm per column. Wet Scrubbing is the industry standard for the treatment of odors prior to releasing the air stream to atmosphere, because it is the most cost effective when considering initial operating and maintenance costs. Scrubbers are ...

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Chemical Cleaning Systems

The Chemical Cleaning System is a pre-engineered and shop assembled clean-in-place system, Air Strippers and Degassifiers. The automated system utilizes a powerful acid solution for the most efficient cleaning cycle possible.  This cleaning cycle returns the packed tower to its original condition increasing the tower’s performance and saving blower energy ...

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Box Style Aerators

The Delta AS line of Box Style Aeration Towers are a low cost alternative to Packed Tower Air Strippers. They are available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Fiberglass and can be sized for flow rates from 100gpm to 3,000gpm. Delta's AS Box Style Aeration Towers are typically used to assist in pH ...

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Turnkey Packages

By offering complete Turn-Key Packages, Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. has the ability to supply our clients with a complete functional system. Our packages are fully factory assembled and tested prior to shipment, guaranting a quick installation and commissioning process. The equipment is preinstalled on a structural skid base with all of the necessary ...

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Delta Pak

Delta-Pak®  is a highly efficient, low fouling propriety structured packing, manufactured by Delta, that is often the preferred mass transfer media. Delta-Pak® is a specifically formed PVC, spirally wound structured packing media, which, when installed in an air stripper, becomes a series of long, parallel tubes the length and diameter ...

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