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Allen's Industrial Refrigeration Service, Inc.
Contact: G.T. Nehls
Phone: 281-723-0066

Address: 400 Roy Hoppy Hopkins Drive, Vivian, LA 71082

Since 1979 Allen’s Electric Motor Service Inc. has been serving customers throughout the South United States in the Rotating Apparatus Industry. Quality and Customer Satisfaction has weighed on the mind of owner Mrs. Peggy Allen Parker since the origination of the company. Today, through huge capital investments and the obtainment of experienced professionals in the electric motor and pump industry, Allen’s Electric Motor Service, Inc. capabilities provide quality workmanship and reliable equipment that protect the assets and profitability of its customers.

Allen’s Electric Motor Service, Inc. provides AC Repair Services, DC Repair Services, Synchronous Repair Services, Pump Repair Services, Machining Services, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Services, Field Services, Equipment Storage, Motor Testing Services, Parts and New Product Sales for Motors, Pumps, Drives, Soft Starts, Generators, Light Towers, Phase Converters, Chiller Units and Cooling Towers.

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