Cooled Fusion Works for Chemical Processor

Delta was recently featured in Chem.Info... Like other chemical manufacturers, Kuehne Chemical Co. Inc. knows that you have to control the chemical reactions involved in making products, particularly products that involve the reaction between harsh chemicals. One of the prime enemies of controlling a chemical reaction is excessive heat generated by the reaction itself, which can make a process unstable and corrupt the outcome. This not only causes product quality problems, but can also introduce elevated hazardous conditions. Kuehne Co. is a privately held chemical manufacturer with a core competency of manufacturing concentrated solutions of bleach (sodium hypochlorite). The bleach is shipped to customers who may dilute it to desired strengths for varied applications, such as water and wastewater treatment, paper processing and cleaning/disinfection products. Kuehne is also a re-packager and distributor of semi-bulk chlorine, caustic soda and caustic potash — chemicals that are used in the bleach production process. To read the full article, click here:        

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