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...“The cooling tower is a key component, and it is subjected to water that is used to remove 18- to 24-million BTUs of heat from the molten billet logs each hour”, Seever says. “For that reason we have typically worn out all of our previous cooling towers, the traditional metal-clad type, in five years or less...." doesn't seem to matter what type of corrosion inhibitor you put on it; eventually the corrosion will break through it and start eating the steel. The Delta model that Sierra purchased was a 738-Ton TM Model. TM Series induced draft, counter flow models are available in single unit capacities from 250 to 2000 cooling tons. Beyond cooling capacity, other major benefits that attract many users to the advanced, engineered HDPE cooling tower design include significantly reduced maintenance and energy costs. HDPE is not only impervious to corrosive water treatment chemicals, but also to corrosive elements that are often present in the air, whether harsh chemical vapors emitted from nearby industrial plants or natural corrosives such as salt air. 2013_Sierra Alum_Case Study Photo_Safeguarding the Cool Side Seever says he visited another company, a paper-processing mill that had an exceptionally corrosive environment. “Because of the paper processing, they get fugitive particles in their cooling system water, and those particles provide all kinds of nutrients that promote the growth of bacteria”, he explains. “They were slugging their cooling tower with full-strength sodium hypochlorite (chlorine), but that treatment was not damaging their Delta tower. So, from that perspective, we figured that the steam and the heat that we generate – compared to the strong bleach that they were using – meant that we won’t have anything to worry about in terms of the service life of our new tower. I asked the plant manager, ‘Would you buy the same tower again?’ He said, ‘Definitely.’ That’s all I needed to hear.”

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