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Our 20 Year Cooling Tower Manufacturer's Warranty is Unmatched

Delta’s groundbreaking Industrial Cooling Tower & HVAC HDPE Cooling Tower System are corrosion-proof, increasing its lifecycle and eliminating concern for replacements.

Anti-Microbial water cooling towers

Choose Safety First

Occupant safety is paramount, and the innovative design of Delta’s Anti-Microbial Cooling Towers prevent the potentially lethal Legionnaire’s Disease.

Water Cooling Towers Company

Experience Optimum Efficiency

Delta’s TM Series Evaporative Cooling Towers are CTI Certified and now offer 20% more capacity.

Our products

When it comes to leading cooling tower manufacturers-- in USA --look no further than Delta Cooling Towers. As a corporation, we pride ourselves on keeping a finger on the pulse of the newest innovations in industrial cooling towers that offer our customers safety, efficiency, and durability. Our product portfolio offers cooling towers for any and all situations. These critical elements have propelled Delta Cooling Towers to become the technology leader among evaporative cooling tower companies.

Cooling Towers

Our engineered plastic cooling towers are lightweight, high-capacity, and reduce maintenance and downtime.

These attributes contribute to highly efficient operation throughout the tower’s lifespan.

Supplier of Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers Company
Manufacturer of Cooling Towers

Packaged Cooling Systems

Delta manufactures cutting-edge Packaged Cooling Systems for a wide range of applications that are strategically designed to allow simple installation. Whatever your needs may be, Delta has the ideal system for you!

Industrial Cooling Towers

Air Strippers, Degassifiers & Odor Control Scrubbers

Delta’s extensive knowledge, more than 50 years of experience, and impeccable customer service have paved the way for the creation of the Delta Vanguard® line of air strippers, degassifiers, and odor control scrubbers, making them the preferred water remediation technology.

Air Strippers, Degassifiers & Odor Control Scrubbers
The Most Durable Corrosion-Proof Cooling Towers Available
corrosion proof cooling towers

Corrosion Proof & Seamless Cooling

Delta Cooling Towers contain one piece, shell or casing, eliminating issues with seams, welds, and patches. Because they are rust and corrosion proof, Delta’s Cooling Tower Systems endure longer lifecycles.

Cooling Towers Manufacturer Warranty

Low Maintenance
and 20-Year Warranty

Our overall maintenance is minimal and the tower shell does not require preventive maintenance which lowers cost and expensive downtime. The benefits are extraordinary!

water cooling sustainability


Water chemistries and engineered plastic cooling towers combined translate into an extremely effective solution to water conservation as well as cost savings.

quiet cooling tower systems

Low Sound &
Other Special Options

The noise pollution of commercial HVAC equipment has become an increasingly unwanted problem for communities. Delta Cooling Towers are unrivaled among other manufacturers in providing solutions.

USA and international company

Made in

The term “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, excellent craftsmanship, and a superior product. Delta ranks as the technology leader among cooling towers manufacturers in USA!


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