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Delta: Technology Leading Cooling Tower Manufacturer in the U.S.

Delta Cooling Towers, a trusted water cooling tower manufacturer, is your one-stop-shop cooling tower supplier. We design and construct highly efficient and environmentally friendly cooling towers that boost your energy efficiency and lower your carbon footprint, allowing your system to function more efficiently and for longer. We manufacture various cutting-edge cooling tower types of all sizes including 100 tons, 250 tons, 500 tons, 750 tons, 1000 tons, 2000 tons cooling towers, and beyond.

1000 ton cooling tower

TM Series Induced Draft Towers

Our long history of innovation in the industry coupled with our recent product upgrades makes Delta the technology-leading cooling tower supplier in the United States.

Regardless of your need, Delta provides innovative cooling tower designs that last longer, save on costs, and eliminate downtime.

All of our products, including the TM Series Induced Draft Tower, are suitable for a variety of applications. The TM Series are available in standard tonnage such as 250 tons, 
300 tons, 400 tons, 500 tons, 600 tons, 750 tons, 1000 ton and beyond. Visit the product page for specific capacity measurements.

500 ton cooling tower

Premier Induced Draft Towers

Delta’s Premier Induced Draft Towers, which feature an HDPE plastic shell construction to prevent corrosion, are available in single units and their cooling capacities range from 250 to 500 tons.

Just like the rest of our cooling towers, the Premier Induced Draft Tower is factory-assembled, making it easy to install at your commercial and industrial properties. Its counter flow design is also fitted with a self-propelled PVC water distribution system as well as PVC decking for efficient film cooling.

250 ton cooling tower

Paragon Induced Draft Towers

Choose Delta’s Acclaimed PARAGON® Induced Draft Tower
Since we introduced the PARAGON® Induced Draft Tower nearly forty years ago, it has been one of the most in-demand cooling towers on the market. Learn more about this innovative product that has stood the test of time.

Paragon Induced Draft Towers
Delta's Paragon® Induced Draft cooling tower design--available in single module capacities from 55 to 250 cooling tons--provides an extended, unrivaled lifecycle. No need to worry about replacements!

100 ton cooling tower

Pioneer Forced Draft Towers

If you’re researching highly efficient and environmentally friendly cooling towers, then look no further than Delta’s Pioneer® Forced Draft Cooling Tower. Request a quote today!

Experience Efficiency & Affordability with Delta’s Pioneer Forced Draft Towers
Delta’s Pioneer® forced draft, counter flow design comes in single module capacities and in a range of cooling tower tonnage--from 10 to 100 cooling tons. Make the change to Delta Cooling Towers today.

600 ton cooling towers

Anti-Microbial Cooling Towers

Delta’s Anti-Microbial Cooling Towers are designed to minimize the risk of pathogen contamination that leads to infection outbreaks such as Legionnaire’s Disease. The Legionella bacteria thrive in warm water conditions, such as those found in water cooling towers.

Unlike regular cooling towers, Delta’s Anti-Microbial Cooling Towers come with shells made of anti-microbial HDPE resin to inhibit bacterial growth. What’s more, this cooling tower features a unique construction design (steep side-to-side slopes and basin sweeper systems) geared at minimizing the risk of Legionella colonization. Even better, this water cooling tower can withstand strong chemical treatments, which means a much longer lifecycle, reduced costs and downtime.

Experienced Cooling Tower Manufacturers You Can Trust

Founded in 1970, Delta Cooling Towers is one of the leading cooling tower manufacturers in USA. Our first cooling tower was the renowned Pioneer® Series Induced Draft Cooling Tower. Over the years, we’ve introduced various cooling towers in our product line to meet all of our customers’ various needs. To substantiate our high emphasis on quality, we are continually training and cross-training our manufacturing staff.

Our rigorous quality management system assesses every product's quality at every production cycle. Furthermore, we have quality checks for different materials and components used in the manufacturing process to meet and surpass general quality benchmarks. Our experience and expertise ensure that we deliver efficient and environmentally-friendly cooling towers.

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The Top Benefits Of Choosing Delta Cooling Towers

  • Increased Operational Efficiency

    A cooling tower enhances the efficiency of your system by allowing for reliable heat transfer for your industrial process or HVAC equipment. This keeps your equipment at its optimal temperatures, which helps to conserve energy. Without an efficient cooling tower, your facility can use up a lot of energy, translating to expensive annual operations.

  • Less Maintenance and Longer Lifespan

    Say “goodbye” to replacements. With Delta Cooling Towers your maintenance costs will significantly decrease by ensuring the Tower is operating at an optimal capacity. With less maintenance and more output, you’ll avoid costly downtimes and increase your equipment’s working lifespan significantly.

  • Lower Risk of Bacterial Contamination

    Our modern cooling towers – such as Delta’s Anti-Microbial Cooling Towers – come with an anti-pathogenic design. This feature helps minimize the chances of bacterial contamination in HVAC systems and industrial cooling systems.

Learn more about the advantages of choosing our cooling towers.

Our Cooling Tower Applications

  • Industrial Applications

    Steel mills, oil refineries, food processing industries, and more all use varieties of cooling tower systems since they give off a lot of waste heat during production.

  • Power Plant Applications

    Power plants produce excess heat during electricity production. They need cooling towers to provide a steady supply of cool water to ensure the systems don’t overheat. This goes a long way in preventing unnecessary downtime in power production.

  • HVAC Applications

    As part of large medical, commercial, and industrial HVAC systems, cooling towers are standard in new construction projects such as airports, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, and many manufacturing facilities. They are vital to maintain an optimal indoor temperature within the facility.

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    Delta Cooling Towers is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial cooling towers for paper mills, petroleum refineries, power plants, metals and plastic processing plants, and various other industries. When you choose us, you select a cooling tower manufacturer that will optimize your facility's productivity with state-of-the-art systems.

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