Packaged Cooling Systems
— Evaporative System with Pumps & Controls

Evaporative Open-Loop Cooling Systems
Evaporative Open-Loop Cooling Systems

Evaporative System with Pumps & Controls

Delta’s ES (Evaporative System) consists of a Cooling Tower with Pump Skid Station.

Delta’s ES (Evaporative System) Skid includes: Pump(s), Control Panel, Pre-Wiring of skid components to Panel, and pre-piping of necessary components. All components skid mounted on one common skid. A Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger is added when a closed loop on the process side of the Heat Exchanger is required. Other options/accessories are available.

The advantages of this system are it is the most energy efficient (lowest operating cost) and lower first cost.

The Most Durable Corrosion-Proof Cooling Towers Available
corrosion proof cooling towers

Corrosion Proof & Seamless Cooling

Delta Cooling Towers contain one piece, shell or casing, eliminating issues with seams, welds, and patches. Because they are rust and corrosion proof, Delta’s Cooling Tower Systems endure longer lifecycles.

Cooling Towers Manufacturer Warranty

Low Maintenance
and 20-Year Warranty

Our overall maintenance is minimal and the tower shell does not require preventive maintenance which lowers cost and expensive downtime. The benefits are extraordinary!

water cooling sustainability


Water chemistries and engineered plastic cooling towers combined translate into an extremely effective solution to water conservation as well as cost savings.

quiet cooling tower systems

Low Sound &
Other Special Options

The noise pollution of commercial HVAC equipment has become an increasingly unwanted problem for communities. Delta Cooling Towers are unrivaled among other manufacturers in providing solutions.

USA and international company

Made in

The term “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, excellent craftsmanship, and a superior product. Delta ranks as the technology leader among cooling towers manufacturers in USA!

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