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Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. was founded to manufacture and market the initial concept of non-corrosive Polyethylene cooling tower, and sold its first units in June of 1971. In 1981 Delta’s engineers developed equipment to serve an emerging environmental remediation need, removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated drinking and waste water. Delta is currently recognized as a leader in this industry with over 500 installations worldwide of our standard line of Vanguard® Air Strippers.

Delta’s rapid growth over the past few years has created excellent opportunities for aspiring individuals seeking to make the most of their substantial abilities. Delta offers compensation commensurate with contributions, a full range of health benefits and a 401K. Delta will consider candidates in all departments. Particular opportunity areas at the present time are:

Regional Sales Manager

For confidential consideration, or to begin a dialogue, contact by e-mail: jflaherty@deltacooling.com, John Flaherty, CEO

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