Packaged Cooling Systems

Closed-Circuit Cooling Systems

For job sites that require a closed-loop cooling system, Delta Cooling Towers last longer, save costs, and eliminate downtime.

In fact, when you invest in one of Delta’s Cooling Tower Systems, you are investing in keeping your system up and running. Request a Quote Now!

Evaporative System with Pumps & Controls

Delta’s ES (Evaporative System) consists of a Cooling Tower with Pump Skid Station.

Closed-Loop System with Plate Heat Exchanger

Cooling tower heat exchanger systems beat closed-circuit cooling towers for economy and efficiency.

Closed-Loop System with Shell & Tube Exchanger

Delta Pump Tank Cooling Tower System

Delta’s PTS Cooling Tower Pump Tank System is a pre-engineered design with a storage tank, pumps, and controls skid station. The cooling tower pump tank design consists of a pre-piped and pre-wired skidded system for ease of installation and many years of trouble-free operation.

Delta’s cooling tower pump tank systems come with a 20-year warranty due to our corrosion-proof shell. They are factory assembled, HDPE plastic pump tank systems that can be installed in 1 day (instead of weeks or more for loose components) further reducing expenses.

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