— High Density Polyethylene


Because of rust and corrosion, metal towers lead to costly maintenance and cause expensive process disruptions when towers have to be serviced, repaired or replaced.


HDPE towers have minimal maintenance and downtime while improving sustainability, greater energy efficiency and adding water conservation.


Average 7 to 15 years before they need to be replaced


20 year warranty and 50 + year expected life


Due to environmental factors, metal-clad shells become destructive and corroded


Made from seamless plastic, which is relatively impervious to corrosion from the environment


Accumulate scale, biologic growth, particulate deposits, and suffers from corrosion reducing the efficiency by 5% because you cannot aggressively treat it


Our corrosion resistance and efficiency will allow you to see immediate savings and will continue to save


Experts have inspected new softened makeup with metal towers and found over 50% of the galvanizing had been removed from the tower in less than 30 days


The PH levels as well as other chemicals in the water do not affect the cooling tower allowing higher cycles of concentration without causing damage


Increased faculty costs via destruction of expensive equipment, damage to the facility, increased costs for water, chemicals, sewerage, and increased energy use


Our towers can save you over 12% of tower price in operating cost annually over the competition

Indiana State University Graduates to Advanced Plastic Cooling Towers

In a recent case, Indiana State University (ISU) began installing the engineered plastic cooling towers at its 190-acre main campus located near the center of Terre Haute in west central Indiana. ISU residences, academic centers, labs, recreational and sports facilities are situated in a park-like community that is separate from the rest of the city.

Several new cooling towers manufactured by Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. have been installed or are planned to support the central and satellite chilled water systems that supply the campus’s many academic, student and research facilities.

“Smarter” systems choices
“About two years ago we were nearing the completion of a renovated building that became the College of Education,” says Mark J. Pupilli, ISU Building and Facilities Manager. “Because the capacity at the central chilled water plant had become nearly exhausted, we decided to install a standalone chiller and also allow the building to be connected to the chilled water plant. At the suggestion of one of our suppliers, we looked at the Delta plastic cooling towers.”

Pupilli explains that the Delta line offered many features that he liked, and the fact that they were engineered plastic meant that many maintenance issues could be avoided. He was also impressed with the selection of available models, the product quality, and a long-term (20 years) warranty on the double-walled HDPE shells.

After considering the applicable designs, Pupilli decided to purchase a 550-ton Delta Premier Series tower. Like other Delta designs, the Premier model is relatively light in weight, impervious to UV rays and virtually corrosion-proof.

More recently, ISU received funding to build a satellite chilled water plant to provide some redundancy as well as much needed additional capacity in the central chilled water system. Pupilli went with two four-cell TM Series towers.

Pupilli says the primary maintenance issue with the metal cooling towers was the need to do a lot of coatings and repairs. The main reason for going with the newer, engineered plastic technology was the expectation that those problems would go away. In addition to the coatings problems Pupilli describes, many of the galvanized metal-clad cooling towers require even more expensive repair as well as frequent replacement.

Because of the corrosive nature of water, the chemicals used to treat it, and locations where they are found metal towers will require extensive maintenance and costly repair or replacement bills.

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