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Induced Draft Cooling Towers
Paragon Induced Draft Cooling Towers
Induced Draft Cooling Towers

Paragon Induced Draft Towers

Delta's Paragon® Induced Draft, counter flow cooling tower design is available in single module capacities from 55 to 250 cooling tons.

Standard Features

Basic Specs

Model NumberApproximate WeightsDimensions
Dia x Ht.
Fan Motor
Sump Capacity
T-55 I 1180 3980 84" x 146" 55 2 330
T-70 I 1250 4050 84" x 146" 70 3 330
T-85 I 1270 4070 84" x 146" 85 5 330
T-100 I 1510 4235 85" x 146" 100 5 330
T-125 I 1585 4310 84" x 146" 125 7.5 330
T-150 I 1785 5570 95" x 178" 150 7.5 468
T-175 I 1925 5810 95" x 178" 175 10 468
T-200 I 3170 8440 114" x 210" 200 10 718
T-250 I 3365 8640 114" x 210" 250 15 718

Detailed Features

All Delta Cooling Towers are factory assembled to the fullest extent possible for ease of installation and shipment. The following features are standard on our Paragon® Series Induced Draft Cooling Towers:

Shell: A seamless engineered polyethylene cylindrical (HDPE) molded shell, with conical transition for motor/fan assembly, louvered inlets and fitting orientation. Louvered inlets are designed for 360° air distribution. There are no joints, seams, panels, gaskets, bolts, fasteners or caulking like conventional towers.

Sump: Sump is integral with cooling tower shell, creating a one-piece seamless structure.

Water Distribution System: A self propelled PVC distribution system incorporating a rotating sprinkler head and lateral distribution arms with integral drift eliminators. An inspection port is provided in the cooling tower shell at the lateral arm elevation for adjustment. (Non-rotating water distribution system is also available).

Wet Decking: A continuous wrapped spiral configuration of lightweight PVC, bonded and packed for maximum film cooling efficiency.

Fan Assembly: The fan assembly consists of a fan ring, propeller, motor and guard. The fan ring is coated with premium plasite coating ideal for the harshest corrosive environments. An adjustable pitch propeller fan, fiberglass reinforced polypropylene with a silica alloy hub, is directly driven by a totally enclosed VFD Premium rated motor designed for cooling tower duty. A fan guard is included that allows protection from the propeller and access to the motor.

Motor: Totally enclosed air over (TEAO) VFD rated motor with 1.15 service factor, designed for 208 or 230/460V 3 phase 60 cycle operation and suitable for outdoor service. Motor is provided with a 5-year motor manufacturers warranty.

Fitting Connections: PVC fittings are provided for inlet, outlet, overflow, drain

Hardware: All fasteners are 304 stainless steel. Anchor and lifting lugs are aluminum.

Cutaway View

1 - Corrosion-Proof Shell: HDPE Plastic Construction cannot corrode and is backed by 20 Year Warranty

2 - Lightweight And Heavy Duty: Plastic is lighter than conventional cooling towers and average wall thickness is 5-10 times sheet metal towers.

3 - Leak Proof Sump: Molded as Unitary (One-Piece) Structure that has no joints to leak or require recaulking and sealing

4 - Water Distribution System: Self-propelled multiple PVC rotating arm system evenly distributes the water, fixed nozzle distribution system also available

5 - Drift Eliminator: Polyethylene drift eliminators prevent water droplets from leaving the tower

6 - Fill Material: High efficiency spiral wound PVC cellular design for maximum cooling

7 - Direct Drive Air Moving System: Totally enclosed PVC rated cooling tower motor powers fiber-reinforced polypropylene axial propeller fan.

The Most Durable Corrosion-Proof Cooling Towers Available
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Corrosion Proof & Seamless Cooling

Our cooling towers are one piece, so there are no problems with seams, welds & patches. They are also rust & corrosion proof.

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Low Maintenance
and 20-Year Warranty

Our overall maintenance is minimal and the tower shell does not require preventive maintenance which lowers cost.

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Water chemistries and engineered plastic cooling towers combined are an extremely effective solution to water conservation.

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Low Sound &
Other Special Options

The noise pollution of commercial HVAC equipment has become an increasingly unwanted problem for communities.

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Made in

The term “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, excellent craftsmanship and a superior product.

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