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Induced Draft Cooling Towers
Paragon Induced Draft Cooling Towers
Induced Draft Cooling Towers

Paragon Induced Draft Towers

Choose Delta’s Acclaimed PARAGON® Induced Draft Tower
Since we introduced the PARAGON® Induced Draft Tower nearly forty years ago, it has been one of the most in-demand cooling towers on the market. Learn more about this innovative product that has stood the test of time.

Paragon Induced Draft Towers
Delta's Paragon® Induced Draft cooling tower design--available in single module capacities from 55 to 250 cooling tons--provides an extended, unrivaled lifecycle. No need to worry about replacements!

Standard Features

Experience Brilliance: PARAGON® Induced Draft Towers

  • Seamless Engineered Plastic (HDPE) Shell
  • Corrosion Proof Construction
  • Direct Drive Fan System
  • Totally Enclosed VFD Rated Motors
  • Factory Assembled for Simple Installation
  • 20-Year Shell Warranty
  • Low Pressure Drop Self Propelled PVC Water Distribution System
  • High Efficiency PVC Fill
  • Made in the USA

Delta packed the PARAGON® Induced Draft Tower with features to make it stand out from the competition. It includes the only seamless exterior shell on the market! We mold the entire casing of the cooling tower as one-piece so there are no joints or seams to require maintenance or develop leaks. The durable shell is made of engineered plastic (HDPE) and is entirely corrosion-proof. This innovative feature minimizes your maintenance costs over time. It also allows our water cooling towers to handle the toughest water cooling jobs in any climate while featuring industry-leading 20-year warranty.

The tower's simple design reduces maintenance costs even further. We send your cooling tower from the factory fully assembled. This allows ease of use and more reliable service from day one. You can order your PARAGON® Induced Draft Tower in a wide range of cooling tower tonnage from 55 to 250 cooling tower tons. Choose the size that is perfect for your application!

As the technology leader among cooling tower manufacturers in USA, our advanced design translates into highly efficient and environmentally friendly cooling towers. Our goal is to provide the most trouble-free water cooling HVAC system you can buy. Get even more peace of mind with Delta’s 20-year warranty.

Basic Specs

Highly Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Cooling Towers

The Delta PARAGON® Induced Draft Tower is an induced draft cooling tower making it perfect for a wide range of industrial and HVAC applications. Induced draft towers tend to be more cost-effective and sustainable than forced draft models because they circulate the air more efficiently. This means they need less energy to power the unit. They operate with a larger fan but need a smaller horsepower (hp) motor. 

Model NumberApproximate WeightsDimensions
Dia x Ht.
Fan Motor
Sump Capacity
T-55 I 1180 3980 84" x 146" 55 2 330
T-70 I 1250 4050 84" x 146" 70 3 330
T-85 I 1270 4070 84" x 146" 85 5 330
T-100 I 1510 4235 85" x 146" 100 5 330
T-125 I 1585 4310 84" x 146" 125 7.5 330
T-150 I 1785 5570 95" x 178" 150 7.5 468
T-175 I 1925 5810 95" x 178" 175 10 468
T-200 I 3170 8440 114" x 210" 200 10 718
T-250 I 3365 8640 114" x 210" 250 15 718

Detailed Features

Delta Cooling Towers Offer Cutting-Edge Engineering

All Delta Cooling Towers are factory assembled to the fullest extent possible for ease of installation and shipment. The following features are standard on our Paragon® Series Induced Draft Cooling Towers:

Shell: A seamless engineered polyethylene cylindrical (HDPE) molded shell, with conical transition for motor/fan assembly, louvered inlets and fitting orientation. Louvered inlets are designed for 360° air distribution. There are no joints, seams, panels, gaskets, bolts, fasteners or caulking like conventional towers.

Sump: Sump is integral with cooling tower shell, creating a one-piece seamless structure.

Water Distribution System: A self-propelled PVC distribution system incorporating a rotating sprinkler head and lateral distribution arms with integral drift eliminators. An inspection port is provided in the cooling tower shell at the lateral arm elevation for adjustment. (Non-rotating water distribution system is also available).

Wet Decking: A continuous wrapped spiral configuration of lightweight PVC, bonded and packed for maximum film cooling efficiency.

Fan Assembly: The fan assembly consists of a fan ring, propeller, motor and guard. The fan ring is coated with premium plasite coating ideal for the harshest corrosive environments. An adjustable pitch propeller fan, fiberglass reinforced polypropylene with a silica alloy hub, is directly driven by a totally enclosed VFD Premium rated motor designed for cooling tower duty. A fan guard is included that allows protection from the propeller and access to the motor.

Motor: Totally enclosed air over (TEAO) VFD rated motor with 1.15 service factor, designed for 208 or 230/460V 3 phase 60 cycle operation and suitable for outdoor service. Motor is provided with a 5-year motor manufacturer’s warranty.

Fitting Connections: PVC fittings are provided for inlet, outlet, overflow, drain

Hardware: All fasteners are 304 stainless steel. Anchor and lifting lugs are aluminum.

Cutaway View

Get a Closer Look at your Delta Water Cooling Tower

1 Corrosion-Proof Shell: HDPE Plastic Construction cannot corrode and is backed by 20 Year Warranty

2 Lightweight And Heavy Duty: Plastic is lighter than conventional cooling towers and the average wall thickness is 5-10 times sheet metal towers.

3 Leak Proof Sump: Molded as a Unitary (One-Piece) Structure that has no joints to leak or require recaulking and sealing

4 Water Distribution System: Self-propelled multiple PVC rotating arm system evenly distributes the water, fixed nozzle distribution system also available

5 Drift Eliminator: Polyethylene drift eliminators prevent water droplets from leaving the tower

6 Fill Material: High-efficiency spiral wound PVC cellular design for maximum cooling

7 Direct Drive Air Moving System: Totally enclosed PVC-rated cooling tower motor that powers a fiber-reinforced polypropylene axial propeller fan.

Water cooling towers use simple laws of physics to transfer heat energy from one location to another. In an induced draft cooling tower, the air is drawn into the unit by the fan on the top. Then, it is drawn quickly upwards with a large fan that rests at the top of the tower. At the same time, water is distributed downward and cooled by the air; then, that cooled water is circulated back to the industrial process or HVAC chiller. A drift eliminator captures any large droplets and keeps them within the cooling tower. 

Get Up-to-Speed on Water Cooler Towers

Overview of Water Cooling Towers

Water cooling towers are used to cool machinery whether it is the condenser loop in an HVAC chiller or industrial process machinery that generates heat and needs to be cooled to remain operating. Many applications on the HVAC side include large office buildings, hospitals, and schools while on the industrial side applications include numerous manufacturing process industries, including chemicals, metals, plastics, pharmaceutical, oil, and nuclear.

The towers work by drawing air into the unit and cooling down the water by evaporating a portion of the water. The cooled water prevents your machinery from overheating and allows it to perform optimally. It also makes the atmosphere of your building more pleasant for everyone in an HVAC application.

Delta’s water cooling towers come in a range of sizes, from relatively small rooftop units to towers that cool a large hospital. The Delta PARAGON® Induced Draft Tower ranges in size from 84" x 146" with a capacity of 55 cooling tons to a size of 114" x 210" with a capacity of 250 tower tons.

Practical Applications of a Cooling Tower

In some industries, such as the nuclear power industry, cooling towers are essential to maintaining the nuclear reactor from overheating. This prevents your machines from overheating, shutting down, needing costly repairs, and stopping the production of an expensive product. A cooling tower is a vital investment in the safety and extended lifecycle of your industrial machinery.

Why Choose Delta’s PARAGON® Induced Draft Towers? 

We have been one of the leading cooling tower manufacturers in the USA for nearly 50 years. Our innovative water-cooling designs have stood the test of time. Delta is the only company in the industry to manufacture a one-piece shelf, with no seams, rivets, or other weak points that might need to be repaired. This allows our water cooling towers to be more durable and able to withstand the harshest elements.

While we continue to improve our products, we continue to use the same quality and attention to detail we've always had. We specialize in producing highly efficient and environmentally friendly cooling towers. Our induced draft cooling tower comes with a 20-year warranty that includes shell replacements and more. If you are ready to work with the technology-leading cooling tower suppliers, give us a call. We are always happy to help you find the best product for your industrial or commercial property.

Top-Notch Service from Cooling Tower Experts

In addition to being the technology-leading manufacturer of quality water cooling towers, Delta has an experienced staff to assist you in your application. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service. Delta’s service is unrivaled compared to other cooling tower suppliers.  Our trained team of experts has the knowledge to help you identify the right cooling tower solutions for your business.

Get Your PARAGON® Induced Draft Tower Today

If you are ready to enjoy all of the benefits this induced draft water cooling tower has to offer, order yours today. Our staff is standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have about any of the water towers we sell. We make it easy to find a reputable cooling tower dealer to ensure you are getting an authentic PARAGON® Induced Draft Tower.

The Most Durable Corrosion-Proof Cooling Towers Available
corrosion proof cooling towers

Corrosion Proof & Seamless Cooling

Delta Cooling Towers contain one piece, shell or casing, eliminating issues with seams, welds, and patches. Because they are rust and corrosion proof, Delta’s Cooling Tower Systems endure longer lifecycles.

Cooling Towers Manufacturer Warranty

Low Maintenance
and 20-Year Warranty

Our overall maintenance is minimal and the tower shell does not require preventive maintenance which lowers cost and expensive downtime. The benefits are extraordinary!

water cooling sustainability


Water chemistries and engineered plastic cooling towers combined translate into an extremely effective solution to water conservation as well as cost savings.

quiet cooling tower systems

Low Sound &
Other Special Options

The noise pollution of commercial HVAC equipment has become an increasingly unwanted problem for communities. Delta Cooling Towers are unrivaled among other manufacturers in providing solutions.

USA and international company

Made in

The term “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, excellent craftsmanship, and a superior product. Delta ranks as the technology leader among cooling towers manufacturers in USA!

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