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Sustainabilty –

New Lower Horsepower TM Series Cooling Tower

Delta has introduced new models in the TM™ Series Cooling Tower Line.  While all Delta cooling tower models meet ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency standards, these new models feature super-low hp/ton to maximize Sustainability Initiatives.  Also, these models feature Delta’s industry leading 15-Year Warranty on the seamless unitarily-molded engineered plastic casing, sloped basin design and other maintenance minimizing features.

Model Dimensions LxWxHt Fan Motor HP CapacityTons
TM103312 16.5’ x 8.5’ x 14.8’ 3 265
TM103412 16.5’ x 8.5’ x 14.8’ 3 278
TM203312 16.5’ x 17’ x 14.8’ 3 518
TM203412 16.5’ x 17’ x 14.8’ 3 543

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