HDPE Plastic Cooling Tower Incorporates Green Features

HDPE Plastic Cooling Tower Incorporates Green Features

Water‐Cooled Equipment utilizing cooling towers has always had substantial energy savings over Air‐Cooled Equipment. Now more than ever, given the typical energy savings of 40%, water‐cooled equipment is the design of choice. One misconception is that air‐cooled will save significant water compared to water‐cooled, when in fact, the additional energy required for air‐cooled equipment will consume water at the power plant energy source and will require more water.

Delta Cooling Towers has developed a plastic cooling tower that features a seamless, molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell.  The noncorroding, engineered-plastic design will not rust, corrode, or require downtime for service.  Upon disposal, the HDPE plastic can be ground and recycled into other sustainable products.

The cooling towers can run at higher cycles of concentration, therby saving makeup water.  The counterflow design reduces water splash, especially during high winds or when fans are off at low-load or low wet-bulb conditions.  The water is enclosed and out of sunlight, lessening the chance for biological growth. Delta towers keep the water totally enclosed and free from sunlight lessening opportunity for biological growth requiring extra water treatment chemicals. Counterflow models also can incorporate the industry’s best drift eliminators at .001% or even
our optional .0005% of the recirculating flow.

Recently adopted addendum l to ASHRAE 90.1 added minimum efficiency standards for both axial and centrifugal fan cooling towers.  The minimum efficiency values are greater than 38.2 gpm/hp for axial fan and 20.0 gpm/hp for centrifugal fan cooling towers at 95 degF entering water, 85 degF leaving water, and 75 degF wet bulb temperature.  All Delta standard cooling tower models exceed these energy efficiency performance levels.


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