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Galvanized is not what it used to be.  The incidence of white rust damage to towers has increased dramatically in the last 10 to 15 years. More stringent environmental discharge concerns have led to the reduction or elimination of effective chemicals in the galvanizing process. In  addition, as facilities attempt to  minimize water volumes used in cooling systems, the softening of make-up water has become  common, but water softening  increases the aggressive nature of water.

Delta’s engineered plastic design stands up to the most aggressive water treatment options available. This can allow users to run at higher cycles of concentration, thereby, saving makeup water. These savings can be very large and help solve water issues.

The ultimate in sustainability is a cooling tower that can outlast the building it services. Delta’s non-corroding engineered HDPE  design, backed by a 20-Year shell warranty, will not rust, corrode, or require the down-time for service that traditional metal towers require. Traditional metal towers last only 7 to 15 years or less in most applications, this  confronts owners with disposal issues including environmental impacts, higher maintenance costs, and replacement costs.


♦ Seamless HDPE Shell
♦ Non-Corroding
♦ 20 year warranty
♦ Leak Proof  
♦ NEMA® Premium Efficient Motors
♦ Cooling Tower duty
♦ VFD compatible 
♦ Direct Drive Fan Assemblies
♦ Less maintenance
♦ Eliminate downtime
♦ Longer bearing life


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