Why You Should Invest in a New Cooling System

Types of Cooling TowersCooling tower systems are the unsung heroes of many factories and plants around the world. In fact, many people know of cooling towers, and have seen them many times, yet they don't realize what they are or what it is they do. Generally used for cooling water to send in to cool down machinery, cooling towers come in numerous shapes and sizes. They also have some really great benefits if you invest in the right one.

Water Efficiency

Water efficiency has become a huge issue in recent years, and for good reason. With a drought in California and places around the world in need of clean water, there's no reason to waste water without reason. Selecting a corrosion resistant tower will allow the facility to recycle a higher percentage of water safely without pre-mature corrosion failure of the cooling tower. As you save water, not only will the tower work more efficiently, but it will save you money. This, over time, can add up to some big dollar signs that can go into other projects and/or maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Just replacing standard fans and updating them with higher efficiency ones will reduce the energy consumption of a motor by 2-8%. Direct Drive fan systems will save 6-10% energy consumption versus a belt-driven or gear driven system. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are common now as VFDs can save up to 20% in energy costs. This, once again, translates over time to save expenses that can help you in other areas of your business. You will also reduce your carbon footprint, and many consumers look for companies like that. So, in turn, you may help your bottom line.

Corrosion Resistant

As a fairly new update, many don't realize just how important this feature is. In cooling towers, accumulations of scale, growth, corrosion, and particulate will slow down the cooling tower, inhibiting its energy efficiency by about 10% or more. Investing in a cooling tower can help many facets of your business. Do you think you will invest in one soon? Get in touch!

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