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January 9, 2013 When it comes to energy, data centers are faced with a serious dilemma. Over the past decade -- and particularly in the past two years -- growing IT demands have forced managers to crowd their expansive data centers and server farms with more and more equipment, driving energy demands through the roof.   To make matters worse, the heat generated by added processor hardware is forcing companies to expend even more power to keep it cool, a trend that the U.S. Department of Energy  believes will only worsen in the near future. As a result, the IT industry is actively seeking new and innovative solutions to improve cooling efficiency, at the lowest possible cost. This has led to a variety of unusual solutions, from pumping cool air and liquid through servers and racks, to relocating computer centers to arctic regions in order to use frigid air or water to handle cooling needs. Cooling towers have a long history of effective use in expelling heat from the water used in many industrial and commercial applications, such as process heat exchangers, as well as the chillers in HVAC systems that commonly support office buildings and data centers of various sizes. However, in many instances the cooling tower that supports these applications is of the old-style, metal-clad design, which is often less energy efficient, less environmentally friendly, more maintenance intensive and less reliable than the improved, engineered plastic cooling cooling towers that are available now. Because of uptime improvements, these new plastic cooling tower models can reduce the cooling system energy burden by reducing the number of refrigeration cycles, including during cooler months when air conditioning is not needed - provided that the cooling tower is online and operating efficiently. Read the full article here Published online at 

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