Advanced Plastic Cooling Towers Help Streamline Operations

To ensure maximum uptime of operations and the reliable shipment of products to customers, many industrial and commercial companies are changing over from conventional metal-clad cooling towers to the more advanced engineered plastic designs with integrated direct-drive fan motors. That is the route Kuehne Company decided to take. With an aging metal-clad cooling tower reaching the end of its service life, the company decided to replace that unit and also add to the plant's cooling capacity. Like other chemical manufacturers, Kuehne Chemical Co. knows that you have to control the chemical reactions involved in making products, particularly products that involve the reaction between harsh chemicals.  Kuehne, is a privately held chemical manufacturer with a core competency of manufacturing concentrated solutions of bleach (sodium hypochlorite). The bleach is shipped to customers who may dilute it to desired strengths for varied applications such as water and wastewater treatment, paper processing, and cleaning/disinfection products. The bleach manufacturing process is a tough environment. Chlorine-based products tend to heavily corrode metals.  Kuehne found Delta Cooling Towers, which makes a seamless, high-density molded polyethylene (HDPE) shell. Because it is corrosion proof, Kuehne felt that this type of unit would be great for their application. Kuehne said the engineered plastic cooling tower was competitive in purchase price, but when Kuehne compared the long-term maintenance cost and care of a galvanized steel model, the numbers were even more convincing. Featured online at (page 28-29).

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