Reliable Cooling Keeps Facilities in Good Health

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Healthcare industry facilities can add durability, reliability and cost savings to their HVAC systems with advanced cooling tower technology.


Many facilities in the healthcare sector are particularly dependent on maintaining stable environments within various structures, where steady room temperature and humidity are critical factors.


In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, laboratories, manufacturing and storge facilities, sometimes containing many millions of dollars of inventory, need to maintain climate control around the clock.  In some cases, deviations outside specific limits can endanger products and trigger costly regulatory and complaiance issues.


In hopsitals and other medical treatment centers, the dependency on stable HVAC systems can be just as complex, involving not only human comfort but also the reliability of sensitive instrumentation and data-related equipment.


While there certainly are other HVAC considerations in the mix, many of these facilities are reliant on cooling towers to support their inner environments.  If a cooling tower fails or required unplanned downtime, its susceptibilities can significantly affect the operating "health" of a structure, its occupants and operating equipment.  The fact is, in many such facilities, the cooling towers may well be the weakest link in the HVAC chain.


In many instances the nemesis of a conventional, metal-clad cooling tower is corrosion, which can require shutdowns for unscheduled tower maintenance, rebuilding or replacement.


"Replacing metal cooling tower panels can be a real nuisance," says Vincent Chiocchio, president of HVAC systems contractor Controlled Air, Inc., Brandford, CT.  "We haven't had any such problems with the plastic cooling towers we've installed"......

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