Learn More About Delta Cooling Towers Air Stripper Towers at ACE 2018

Come visit Delta Cooling Towers at Booth Number 20053 at the ACE 2018 Annual Conference and Exposition from June 11-14 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.  Delta has provided innovative and economical solutions to more than 650 VANGUARD® Air Stripper installations since 1981. 

Today, air stripping continues to be the preferred water remediation technology for removal of organic solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, fuel/gasoline hydrocarbons, degreasers, and certain other volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), because it is the most cost effective when considering Initial, Operating, and Maintenance costs.

VANGUARD® air stripping towers are forced draft air stripping towers with single unit capacities from 60 to 4,000 gallons per minute. Delta air strippers are designed to remove volatile organic chemicals and certain other substances from water. These towers are a unique design that Delta Cooling Towers have been very well received in both commercial and industrial applications. The towers operate on a countercurrent forced draft design. A blower, ducted into the sump plenum provides air at a slight positive pressure and forces it to flow upward against the water trickling downward through the packing. As the air passes over the water, spread over the packing surface as a thin film, the molecules of contamination cross the air to water interface and enter the air stream. The air then exits the column either to atmosphere or to some means of vapor phase offgas treatment.

Find out how technology is developing, improving and changing the water industry.  ACE18 offers an in-depth look at Innovating the Future of Water throughout the conference’s professional program and inside the Exhibit Hall. The Innovation Lounge will feature a pool of emerging technologies and innovation resources, offering new approaches for the water sector – to help navigate challenges, implement solutions and realize system improvements. Don’t miss your chance to soak up the knowledge of hundreds of water industry thought leaders providing guidance on the future of our water.


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