Cooling Tower Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Following the recent Legionnaires’ Disease outbreaks, there is a great deal of concern and uncertainty about what is required for proper cooling tower maintenance.  Keeping your cooling tower running smooth and in good shape requires more than just the annual inspection before startup. Stick to a regular maintenance schedule to reduce the risk of Legionella and prevent premature failure. The cost of overlooking the
maintenance of a cooling tower can be heavy. Click here for a printable PDF. 

Monthly Maintenance

  • Inspect general conditions of the cooling tower and clarity of sump water.

  • Check the water level in the cold water basin and adjust if needed.

  • Check the float ball and make-up valve for proper operation.

  • Check the line voltage, motor amperage, and water pressure.

  • Clean Sump Strainers, if installed.

Every 3 Months

  • Lubricate Motor Bearing, (if motor has fitting for greasing. Most motors require no external greasing). Use proper lubricants. Increase frequently, as necessary depending on the conditions of service.

  • Check for obstructed water flow through nozzle orifices. Clean and flush spray nozzles, as required.

  • Check ALL bolts at fan assemblies. Retighten to specified torque. Inspect fan/motor assembly.

  • Meet with water treatment company who is regularly monitoring tower chemical treatment to review records and future treatment recommendations.

Every 6 Months 

  • Clean and flush cold water sump.



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