Cooling Towers Deliver a Lot for Their Price

Delta Cooling Towers, IncChances are, if you're looking into an investment such as a cooling tower, you not only want to see how the tower will benefit you, but also what exactly comes with your purchase. Luckily, Delta Cooling Towers come with great benefits on top of their quality towers.  

The Tower

The tower itself is subject to your needs. Delta works with you to find an option that works for you, rather than giving you a bunch of preselected options. There are a ton of tower types, ranging in size from those who cool thousands of gallons per minute at a time and move them through pipes at least 15 feet in diameter, to small cooling towers designed to handle just a few gallons at a time through small pipes. One of the greatest things about Delta technology is their HDPE tower technology, which eliminates one of the biggest issues seen in cooling towers: corrosion. Accumulation of biological growth and particles can reduce tower efficiency by as much as 5% or more. Delta's superior technology already puts them at a great position, but their added bonuses make them an even better choice.

More for Your Money

As was stated earlier, when you make an investment in something like cooling tower systems, you want to know how much you can get for your money. These considerations can include the expected reliability or lack of downtime, energy efficiency and warranties. These types of bonuses increase the value of the product in addition to providing great return on investment. Delta goes above and beyond here, with a 20 year warranty on the shell. This type of warranty guarantees one thing: they stand behind their product's long service life. Delta also offers custom design help and engineering and installation assistance. Want to learn more? Get in touch or find a rep near you.

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From our low maintenance design to our manufacturing process to excellent customer service, we're sure you'll be pleased with our superior cooling towers, every step of the way. Get a quote