Delta Cooling Towers extends Industry Leading Warranty to 20 Years

Delta Cooling Towers Inc has extended the longest warranty in the cooling tower industry. The seamless engineered plastic shell and sump now carries a 20-year warranty. The heavy-wall plastic shell will not peel, rust, chip or ever need additional coatings.

Delta has had a 15-year warranty since 1997 and is very comfortable with this extension based upon 40+ year’s experience of installations of engineered High Density Polyethylene cooling towers.  Made in USA, Delta owns and operates fully integrated manufacturing facilities and has specialized proprietary plastic molding processes which allows complete control of all aspects of quality.  

The most worry-free cooling towers available also feature a 5-year warranty on motors, direct-drive fans eliminating maintenance/downtime issues related to belt or gear drive systems, large orifice non-clog water distribution nozzles, and an engineered plastic cooling tower that are impervious to the toughest environments or aggressive water treatment chemicals.  

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