IT Industry looks to Escape the Heat...

More efficent cooling towers help keep data centers and server farms cool year round

When it comes to energy, data centers are faced with serious dilemma.  Over the past decade - and particulary in the past two years - growning IT demands have forced managers to crowd their expansive data centers and server farms with more and more equipment, driving energy demands through the roof. To make matters worse, the heat generated by added processor hardware is forcing companies to expend even more power to keep it cool, a trend that the Department of Energy (DOE) believes will only worsen in the near future. According to the DOE, data centers comsume up to 100 times more energy thaan standard office space.  the vast majority of this energy is consumed by the cooling infrastructure that is needed to keep the data center's sensitive equipment within a specified temperature range. The DOE reports that data center energy consumption doubled from 2000 to 2006, reaching more then 60 billion kilowatt-hours per year.  That number could double again by 2012, outpacing the U.S power generation infrastrucutre, which will likely drive cooling costs even higher. Delta was recently featured in ed+c (Environments Design + Construction).  Download full article here:  Delta_ed+c

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