Five Simple Maintenance Tips to Help Keep Your Cooling System Functioning

Five Simple Maintenance Tips to Help Keep Your Cooling System FunctioningA cooling tower uses “evaporative” heat rejection technology, meaning that it allows a small portion of the water being cooled to evaporate into a moving air stream to provide significant cooling to the rest of that water stream. This system is incredibly efficient, but like all cooling systems, it requires regular maintenance and care. Providing maintenance to HVAC cooling towers is an important part of maintaining their functionality, and is relatively simple. To keep your cooling towers running optimally, here are five maintenance tips to follow.

Clean the Cooling Tower
This goes without saying. Cooling towers were developed to recycle over 98% of wasted water, but in doing so they can accumulate debris and buildup. A cooling tower should be drained and cleaned with a power washer every six months to maintain maximum functioning ability.

Visual Inspection
Cooling tower systems smaller than 250 tons can be shipped when fully assembled, but even the largest cooling towers need visual inspections. Before beginning any cleaning process, it’s essential to conduct a thorough visual inspection of the equipment.

Sump Screens
Even the smallest cooling systems handle a few gallons of water per minute, and can easily acquire buildup on the sump screen. Whether in a building or in a tower, this screen should be inspected and cleaned to ensure maximum water flow.

When performing maintenance, it’s important to inspect heaters for broken or cracked elements. Heaters can crack and split as a result of heavy usage or a lack of prior maintenance. If heaters are dirty, be sure to remove and clean them thoroughly.

Electrical Components
The last step in any cooling tower maintenance is to fill it, and then check all electrical components. Check the voltages and amperages of each component to ensure proper operation, and be sure to reconnect the drain.

Failure to regularly inspect and clean a cooling tower can result in a buildup of materials that can reduce efficiency by 5% or more. Well-maintained cooling towers reduce the energy spent cooling, so be sure to keep a regular maintenance schedule and follow these tips for the best results. Questions? Get in touch with a Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. rep for all the answers.

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