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When considering the “greenness” of your cooling tower selection, several green facets will impact the environment and your bottom line. With the examination of every product as to its "greenness," it has finally come to the ubiquitous cooling tower sitting atop just about every manufacturing and process facility - wood products processing, pharmaceutical processing, food and beverage processing, metalworking, and plastics manufacturing, to name a few. Greenness, of course, has several facets. And while the more advanced cooling towers are made of recyclable HDPE plastic cooling towers that will last for many decades, recyclability becomes a moot point. A more realistic examination of cooling tower greenness will deliberate improved sustainability, greater energy efficiency, added water conservation and smaller carbon footprint – plus some cost ramifications involved in achieving such green goals. While conventional cooling towers, often constructed with basins lined with sheet metal cladding, are environmentally challenging and maintenance intensive – hence costly to operate – the alternative of using cooling towers with molded seamless plastic is immediately beneficial to both the environment and bottom line. While the traditional, galvanized metal-clad cooling towers have done a good job at cooling process water, they have also been highly prone to corrosion and, therefore, frequent cleaning, re-coating and replacement. Additionally, metal cooling towers require extra caution when using water treatment chemicals to maintain continuous proper water chemistry to prevent accelerated loss of galvanizing leading to costly downtime and early replacement. With the increasing concerns about meeting green standards and also improving ROI on capital equipment expenditures, here are some criteria you should consider when evaluating your next cooling tower purchase:

  • Sustainability
  • Green by design
  • Energy efficiency
  • High Capacities
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