Pulp & Paper Operations Are Turning to the Engineered-Plastic Cooling Tower

Delta Cooling Towers was recently featured in  'MARKEST Markets Around the World'.

Without a fail-safe and efficient cooling tower, multi-million dollar pulp and paper operations would have unscheduled maintenance shutdowns with unrecoverable production losses and delayed shipments. Plastic towers are increasingly finding favor with pulp and paper plant engineers because they offer an assortment of benefits: they are non-corroding in an industry that uses vast amounts of harsh chemicals and cleaning materials, they offer increased cooling capacity, are lightweight, require no coatings, are immune to ambient weather conditions and are essentially leak-proof. Here are some important points to consider when you are about to repair, replace or purchase a new cooling tower system for your pulp or paper plant: 1. Life expectancy 2. Flexible modular design 3. Continuous, more economical operation 4. Easier installation Click here to read full article: http://markestglobal.com/data/con521567475a/page_25245062

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