Why use HDPE in Cooling Tower Construction?


HDPE in Cooling Tower ConstructionHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the optimum material for cooling tower construction. The material is molded into a totally seamless shell, which will never leak, unlike conventional cooling towers which require many panels, joints, seams, seam gaskets, caulking and hundreds of bolts or other fasteners to maintain the integrity of the product.  The Delta structural shell will never rust, chip, crack or ever need painting or further protective coatings. The structural shell is warranted for 15 years which is much longer than other available cooling towers.

Galvanized steel towers provide only interim corrosion protection. The zinc galvanizing is designed only to delay corrosion as the zinc wears steadily away. Moderately high temperatures and various water chemical treatmRusty Cooling Towerents speed up this leaching of zinc into the water or atmosphere. With only ounces per square foot of corrosion protection, it is only a matter of time till corrosion of the underlying sheet steel sets in. Thin fiberglass panels can also not match the structural integrity of Delta’s seamless engineered plastic. Over time leaks can develop at the joints even with gaskets and caulking applied. Thin fiberglass when exposed to the wide range of outdoor weather elements is also subject to delaminating, wicking and overall degradation.

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