How Much Do You Know About Water Cooling Towers?

What are Cooling TowersHave you ever been shopping in a large mall in the middle of summer and wondered how the building owner managed to keep the air conditioner functioning so well? Have you ever spotted those large open towers in the middle of industrial or nuclear plants? In both cases, water cooling towers are the responsible culprits. Water cooling towers are heat removal devices which are used to transfer process waste heat into the atmosphere.

If you are new to water cooling tower technology or have never heard of them before, check out the below fun facts on cooling tower systems.

A Brief History of Cooling Towers

Water cooling towers were originally developed to recycle wasted water in order to reduce water and energy usage. This allowed for greater water management and helped further campaigns for recycling and reusing renewable energy sources.

Uses for Large Water Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are often used in manufacturing and industrial plants, and are currently utilized to cool numerous industrial sites. These are home to the large industrial cooling towers you may be familiar with. One large example includes Petroleum refineries which house large cooling tower systems circulating approximately 80,000 cubic meters of water per hour (based on a refinery processing 40,000 metric tonnes of crude oil daily).

Uses for Small Water Cooling Towers

However, small cooling towers are also used to supply cool water to HVAC systems, such as air conditioners. This technology can also be found in slightly more commercial products, like water-source heat pumps.

Water cooling systems lend a critical hand in renewable energy and water recycling and can be found in extremely large or rather miniature models. From providing cool water for HVAC systems to providing cooling options for large refineries and manufacturing plants, water cooling towers are now a staple in smart energy management. Do you have more questions about cooling towers? Check out the resources section and get in touch with a rep in your area.

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