Added Value is Paramount in Cooling Tower Purchases

Types of Cooling TowersWhen purchasing any kind of equipment, you probably research your options well in advance. You’ll be weighing things like effectiveness, cost, reliability, material, and more. But something you may forget is looking for an added value with your purchase. This means looking for things like warranties, or engineering assistance -- anything that adds value to your purchase or is a potential return on investment.

The cost to purchase and operate a cooling tower can seem immense. When looking at cooling towers, which are a critical component for many HVAC systems, these added values are even more important for the buyer. Cooling towers tend to need more upkeep than other purchases, so things like engineering assistance can be an invaluable help. Not only are they helpful to the performance of the tower, but they can increase the longevity of the product. The most recent cooling tower technology, introduced by Delta Cooling Towers, features a shell of high density polyethylene (HDPE). This is engineered plastic which offers value added and effective performance.

Corrosion is one of the biggest issues facing cooling towers. Salt air, chemical water treatments, and industrial pollutants can eat away at the sides of the tower, steadily decreasing its performance and effectiveness by 5% or more. Maintenance of corrosion results in costly, unnecessary downtime, in addition to the cost of materials needed to fix the issues, and the labor needed to constantly fix things. However, Delta has figured out a way to make their towers corrosion resistant. The new HDPE technology makes the towers impermeable to corrosion, which saves all of the time and trouble of fixes.

Delta Cooling Towers offers great options for commercial institutional or industrial companies, and their new technology makes them a clear front runner. Thousands of companies use large quantities of water to cool their facilities, and the savings from the effectiveness of their product essentially pays off the investment! Just replacing fan motors to higher efficiency models reduces energy needs by 2 to 8%. In addition to the great technology behind Delta systems, they come with a 20 year warranty, they offer system design and engineering assistance, and when requested can even accommodate color preferences for systems. Get in touch with a rep today to learn more.

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