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A comparison image of our competitors metal cooling towers rusting and causing damage to the cooling towers next to our plastic cooling tower without damage.  Between the two images is a red and blue gradient line to separate them.Engineered plastic cooling towers don’t have the problems that plague their galvanized metal counterparts such as corrosion, leakage, maintenance costs, and process disruptions. Metal Cooling towers require tower coatings, tower sealants, or epoxy paint to help protect the towers from corrosion, rusting, and leaking.   For repairing the leaks, epoxy seal paint is designed for exterior and interior use for the complete cooling tower protection solution.  

In addition to cooling towers these sealant coatings are used to protect wastewater systems, potable water facilities, and more.  Cooling tower linings help close holes, seams, and cracks and are mostly installed in collection basins and distribution decks to provide an impermeable and corrosion resistant barrier to cooling water.  Corrosion has always been a primary concern with the use of galvanized metal with cooling towers, especially in a warm and humid atmosphere.

When corrosion is found, contractors must apply expensive coatings and repair damage that may have occurred. If the repair process is extensive, costly process interruptions or loss of building air conditioning may be required.  Sometimes water treatment chemicals are used to prevent scale from occurring in their process cooling water. These chemicals sometimes prematurely corrode the cooling towers. Sometimes water treatment chemicals attack the metal at the gasketed seams in stainless steel towers and other times they just wear down the galvanizing.  There is also under-deposit corrosion that occurs in basins or distribution pans in both stainless and galvanized towers.

Plastic cooling towers contain material that is resistant to the harsh environments that wreck metal towers. These towers are seamless and do not rust, chip, flake or peel and do not require paint or other protective coatings. Once installed, a simple operation, the engineered plastic cooling towers are comparatively maintenance-free. Most importantly, the most expensive part of the maintenance requirement for metal towers is that it requires cooling tower downtime, a situation that can require the production or building cooling to be down for an extended time.  Cooling tower uptime is a key piece to keeping your business functioning and operating at maximum piece-of-mind.

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