Why Cooling Tower Buyers Should Choose Plastic Over Metal

A comparison image of our competitors metal cooling towers rusting and causing damage to the cooling towers next to our plastic cooling tower without damage.  Between the two images is a red and blue gradient line to separate them.

Advanced cooling tower manufacturers know one thing is true: Engineered plastic cooling towers don’t have the problems that plague their galvanized metal counterparts. Those problems include corrosion, leakage, maintenance costs, and costly process disruptions to name a few. 

For example, metal cooling towers require coatings, sealants, or epoxy seal paint to help protect them from rusting, leaking, and corrosion, especially in a warm and humid atmosphere. Also, treatment chemicals used to prevent bacteria growth, like legionella, in the cooling process water can corrode metal cooling towers prematurely. Plus, there’s under-deposit corrosion that occurs in basins or distribution pans in both stainless and galvanized towers.  All of these issues can lead to costly process interruptions—also known as downtime—as well as the temporary loss of building air conditioning, depending on the extent of the repair needed.

There are even reasons why fiberglass cooling tower manufacturers do not match the benefits of manufacturers using plastic. This is why cooling tower manufacturers in the USA, like Delta Cooling Towers, are focused on developing cooling towers made from high-density engineered plastic.

Plastic cooling towers contain material that is resistant to the harsh environments that wreck metal towers. They’re seamless and do not rust, chip, flake, or peel—they also don’t require paint or other protective coatings. In fact, Delta Cooling Towers produces a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) product made from seamless plastic that’s designed to be impervious to corrosion from the environment. And unlike with metal, the necessary chemical treatments of cooling tower water won’t damage the plastic. Once installed by a cooling tower company, the engineered plastic cooling towers are practically maintenance-free. That means there’s no downtime, like with metal cooling towers. Having operational, worry-free cooling towers is key to keeping your business functioning—and giving you peace of mind.

All cooling tower manufacturers are not created equal. Make sure your cooling tower company supplies best-in-class engineered plastic material.  

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