Removing Heat and Stabilizing Temperature: the Importance of Reliable Cooling Systems

Reliable Cooling SystemsRemoving heat and stabilizing temperature is important for any business owner regarding their energy usage. Water and Waste Digest reports that the combination of compact heat exchangers and cooling towers provides great use for businesses. "There are many large processing plants that have remote satellite facilities," Carl Pendola, P.E., of Penco Equipment Inc. said. "They require smaller, independent cooling packages that could be well-served by a combination of a compact, factory assembled cooling tower plus a small-footprint, economical heat exchanger."

The power generation of these appliances utilizes a lot of energy. In a coal-fired power plant, cooling tower systems have a circulation rate of about 71,600 cubic meters an hour. That is 315,000 gallons of use per minute. The heat energy required to raise a pound of water one degree is called a British Thermal Unit (BTU). The heat can build up very quickly within HVAC cooling towers because some fluids are abrasive.

Having a cooling tower shell designed with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic to keep liquid out is important because it can protect both the power generation and the cooling mechanism within the tower. Pendola utilized a Delta Cooling tower for his business. "The engineered plastic is relatively impervious to corrosion from the environment," Pendola said, "including ozone and the airborne contaminants that may be expelled from plants anywhere near the cooling tower installation."

Power generation and heat buildup can negatively affect the entire cooling system. Simply replacing the piping can discharge blowdown water can provide up to a two percent increase in the energy efficiency of any HVAC cooling system. Pendola greatly appreciated the service Delta Cooling provided. Stating that the 20-year warranty makes their products so dependable and his appreciation for the ease of installation. "The crew that I had install the cooling tower were not experienced cooling tower hands, but they were able to get the tower assembled rather easily," Pendola said. "I think this is another factor that bodes well for this model of cooling tower."

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