Should I Replace or Repair my Cooling Tower?

Many cooling towers were installed in the 1980’s and are 30 years old now so when is the right time to replace an entire cooling tower instead of just repairing it? Sometimes preventive maintenance is not enough, or perhaps it has been overlooked for too long, making the replacement of a cooling tower the most practical solution. It is the same for any application, it is time to replace it when you are spending more money maintaining it then it would cost to replace it, especially when you consider cooling towers, particularly the old, metal-clad designs that require (and are very sensitive to) constant chemical treatments, patching and welding. If the repair will require large pieces of equipment and several man hours, it would be best to replace the entire cooling tower.  

Another consideration that should not be overlooked is the cost of downtime with an old high-maintenance cooling tower. What is the cost of lost air conditioning for building tenants? Or lost production in a manufacturing process plants?

It is best to replace the cooling tower in its entirety when there becomes the risk that the cold water basin will no longer physically able to support the weight. If repair cost will be more than 60% of the price of a new unit, replace the unit. This means that equipment location and service costs for repairs may play a large factor in the costliness of major restoration for units in operation. 

However, cooling towers that are based on a seamless engineered-polyethylene shell offer a much lower cost of ownership because overall maintenance is minimal, and the tower shell doesn’t require preventive maintenance, nor does it ever have to be relined or repaired.

You still should make sure your PVC fill or packing material is staying clean with effective water treatment. Also, you should still make sure that the air inlet louvers are clean for optimum air flow and you should still ensure that drift eliminators are not damaged. That goes a long way toward avoiding cooling tower wear and downtime for many years to come.

When you purchase a Delta Cooling Tower, we provide repair, replacement and maintenance for our cooling towers. We want our customers to get the most out of our products without spending an excessive amount of money and time for repairs. If you are still unsure about whether to replace your unit, contact Delta Cooling Towers at

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