A Few Things to Know About Cooling Tower Systems

Premier Induced Draft Cooling TowerCooling towers may not be well known but most of the products we use -- from the gas we put in our cars to the plastic products we buy in the store -- depend on them. What is a cooling tower? Cooling tower systems are heat rejection equipment that cool water to reduce the temperatures of industrial equipment that produces the products and the equipment that handles them. From petroleum to petrochemicals and nuclear power, cooling towers ensure that the products and energy we consume on a daily basis. Cooling towers range in size and engineering. Petroleum refineries, for example, typically use gigantic cooling towers. The average cooling tower system in use by oil industries today processes nearly 40,000 metric tons of crude oil every day, which is about 300,000 barrels! To do this, these towers circulate roughly 80,000 cubic meters of water every 60 minutes. What is perhaps more impressive than how much product they treat is how renewable the process is. As cooling tower technology developed over the years, so has its effectiveness. More than 98% of potentially wasted water is recycled. This drives down the cost to purchase and operate cooling tower cooled machines significantly. So much so, in fact, that many thousands of facilities use these machines for a variety of applications. Cooling towers truly drive the industries that Americans (the world, in fact) have come to depend on. Without cooling tower systems, it would be much more costly to drive our cars or buy plastic products. We wouldn't be able to use heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems effectively. The cost to purchase and operate these systems pale in comparison to the output they produce. For more information about these systems -- how they work, how they are built, etc. -- feel free to send us a comment or question.

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